An Alexa Smart Mirror
​just for you

Our Smart Mirror display delivers the following features : 

  • Date & Time display (12 or 24 hour clock)

  • Amazon Alexa Voice Control

  • Local Weather Display  (5 Day + 5 Hour Forecast)

  • Google Calendar Display

  • Website Display (Sport results, Stock prices, Local Traffic, you choose)

  • News Headlines (CNN, Google, Reuters, BBC, BILD, Die Zeit)

  • Analog or Digital Clock Displays

  • Run YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music + more from appstore

  • ScreenCast - Display your phones screen on the mirror using airplay

  • Show FitBit & Apple Health data*

  • Bluetooth Remote Control

  • Ring & Blink Camera Display live on the mirror

  • Built in-Speakers 

  • USB powered

  • Family SOS : Shout for help, and chosen contacts get alerted via Text/email

These products Connect to WIFI , no phone required. 

Its easily controlled with voice , and the included remote control keyboard and trackpad. 

Alexa integration allows you to voice control the mirror.  Control home
appliances and plugs, and simply ask her a question all with your voice. 

The Android Based O/S allows you to run your favourite applications including YouTube, Spotify and  thousands more from the Google Appstore.

*additional cost

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See the Smart Mirror in Action

Watch our Smart Mirror Demonstration​

In this video you see the Smart Mirror in action. 

It will display calendar, news , tube and train information as well as the time, date and weather.

This video is also available on our YouTube Channel.

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