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Digital.Dok - A new breed of Docking Station


This dock allows you to wireless charge your phone on our beautiful dock with built-in tablet display. 


The android based tablet lets you run all your favourite apps.  YouTube , Spotify etc..


Control your Smart Home with Alexa voice control built-in. 


The tablet has built in speakers so you can listen to music, or pair with a bluetoooth or Wifi speaker for improved sound and make the dock your control panel.


we provide a dashboard app that will let you choose what to display, choose clock faces, Weather, Calendar , News, Websites and more....   See our Facebook page for demo videos


The wireless charger lets you lean your phone against the dock to charge.  It has a powerfull wireless unit that will charge through even thick phone cases with credit cards inside.  (see our demo videos)


See demo videos on our facebook page

Digital.Dok Wireless Charging Dock

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