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Technical Support

Helping reflect your style with the perfect Smart Mirror

Technical Support

We work hard to ensure the experience is as easy as possible , but in the event of problems with your device heres some handy information. 

Calendar Not Showing

The Calendar has always been a challenge as Amazon does not install google software by default. 


Theres 2 choice here. 

Option A) User webpage display

Option B) Try and fix the google services 


In the app goto the web Page Option. 

Choose if you want this to be displayed Morning/Day/Evening

Click Enter URL 

Enter the URL :

Click Submit

Click Save

When the display 1st shows the webpage calendar it will ask you to logon. 

It needs this as obviously it has no clue who you are. 

Once logged on it will remember. 

You can the click around to make the display nice.


If its not working it likely the google apps we pre-install have failed. 

The Calendar has always been a challenge as Amazon does not install google software by default. 
For the calendar to work it needs 4 google services that should have been pre-installed on the tablet before we ship.

Google Account Manager

Google Services Framework

Google PlayServices 

Google PlayStore


These 4 software components need to be installed in this order.


In the event of the calendar not working, un-install our smart mirror software, and then un-install these 4 components from the tablet. 

Download the 4 bits of software from the links provided here below. 


This is best done by viewing this webpage on the tablet and clicking the links. Then install the software. The packages are called 1,2,3,4 to make the order more simple. ​​

File1 - Google Account Manager

File2 - Google Services Framework

File3 Google PlayServices

File4 Google PlayStore

File5 Smart Mirror Cloud Edition (BETA)

No Information Displayed

Just Time being Displayed / Blank Screen Being displayed

There are 3 common reasons for this 


A) The tablet brightness has gone crazy and is on low. (wait till nighttime or carry to a dark room)


b) Misaligned timers. If the timers have a time gap between them it can cause no info to show. This is a bug
that will be resolved in the next update. To workaround ensure the timers have no gaps. 
eg. 07:00 - 10:00   10:00  - 17:00   17:00 - 23:00  


c)  This can occur if the app thinks its sleep mode time. This is be default after 11:00 PM. 

Check if you changed the sleep timer.
Check its not after 11PM

Wait until the next rollover timer to see if the comes back to life.

Getting past the lock-screen

To unlock the tablet if its on the adverts screen, you need to swipe up , or say "Alexa show home page" 

Its a small up-swipe to unlock from the lock sceen

Once the Smart Mirror app or Dakboard App is running the screen should never lock and should always show your displayed information. It will show a blank screen during your chosen sleep period. 


Remote Control Not Working
1st ensure the power slider is ON
2nd ensure it has battery power. 
The remote should be paired on arrival. If its not working however, you may need to remove the tablet from the product. Unclip the back. Remove tablet. Power on the tablet. Click "Settings", Click "Connected Devices",  Ensure Bluetooth is enabled.  Then click Bluetooth. On the remote hold down the bluetooth icon symbol for a long press of about 2 seconds. The bluetooth light should flash on the remote. Now the keyboard should show on the tablet in the device list. click the keyboard on the tablet to pair the devices. you should then be able to wiggle on the trackpad and see the cursor moving. 


Alexa Commands

the following are handy commands that can be used on the mirror


Alexa show the home screen

Alexa open Smart Mirror

Alexa show me the weather this week

Alexa show me the traffic between A and B

Alexa show my calendar 

Alexa goto show mode (8" models only)

Alexa tell me a joke


Smart Mirror Blink Camera Support

Install the Blink app onto the tablet, and logon 



App Crashing

If the app keeps crashing please contact us on 

we can then investigate further. 


The app will be updated regaully with fixes and new features. Please check playstore for app-updates

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